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Reviews of Inexpensive Products

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Called by The New York Times "a Consumer Reports for the cheap" is a budget-products review site, serving consumers who can only afford/wish to buy inexpensive products, but still want the best value for their money. We are a regular contributor to the TODAY show's Life Inc.

Cheapism is the only review site that focuses exclusively on low-price products, a part of the market that is rarely reviewed by the experts. With the high unemployment rate, the economy still fumbling and consumers still cutting back, our content is more relevant than ever.

What we do at Cheapism is research the low price products and services in various categories and then create a thorough buying guide on how to buy budget products in that category. Our editorial process involves defining the low-price range for each category, identifying must have features, summarizing key performance attributes, and then analyzing relevant reviews and recommending the best budget buys and what to avoid. We follow strict journalistic editorial guidelines when creating our content and take great pride in our articles. We currently cover over a 150 categories and every week we're adding more.